Shuttle Service

Our shuttle service is perfect for trips to the grocery store, post office, farmers market, or scenic tours of the region. We’ll pick you up, drive you to your destination, wait for you to finish your errand, and drive you back home or to your final destination.

Shuttle drivers are trained, licensed professionals who have safety first and speediness second in mind. They have extensive knowledge of the service areas and take extra care to make your experience quick and pleasant.

Shuttle rides are $20 per pickup + plus $1 per mile + $3 per 10 minutes of wait time. These fees cover our costs of gas, vehicle wear & tear, and business expenses that will help us grow and provide better and better services.

Senior citizens and frequent riders are awarded a discount: $17 per pickup (+ standard distance and wait-time fees).

We can also help with private parties and special events. If your guests need a safe ride home, we’ll get them home with special care. Please be sure to book special events 2 weeks in advance.